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Testimonials About Carolyn And Her Work

New Chapter Coaching is pleased to present the following testimonials from experienced leaders across the country.

“Over the past five years, I have had the opportunity to work with New Chapter Coaching on multiple projects, including executive coaching, strategic planning, team building, governance, succession planning and leadership development. I chose New Chapter Coaching because I had witnessed first-hand the impact they have on both the organizations and individuals they work with. Carolyn has a myriad of experience, skills, and expertise that enables her to customize any program to meet the unique needs of the organization. Through my work with New Chapter Coaching, I grew professionally and developed a high functioning team that was focused on achieving our mission. I would highly recommend New Chapter Coaching for any of your individual or non-profit needs, you will not regret it!” – Heather Lockard, Strategic Planning Consultant, and Facilitator, Columbia, MO

“Though I had worked with her before on projects, in the past year I have had the fortune of working with Carolyn for one-on-one leadership coaching.  Having these sessions with Carolyn has been revelatory for me.  My confidence and leadership skills have grown in ways I could never imagine as she challenged me during our time together.  Carolyn’s passion for helping non-profit organizations and leaders is so admirable.  She has an incredible depth of knowledge regarding an array of professional topics and thoughtfully challenges her clients to improve.  I am constantly impressed by what she brings to every meeting, whether it’s just the two of us or a large group of leaders.  I would recommend her to anyone who is motivated to grow and challenge themselves.” – Megan McConachie, Strategic Communications Manager, Columbia, MO

“Carolyn and her team are interested in our organization’s success.  Carolyn has been working with the Missouri network of community action agencies and I have had the pleasure of seeing her work in a variety of settings prior to hiring her to support Central Missouri Community Action.  We hired New Chapter Coaching because we wanted a partner in our success, not just another consultant.  Carolyn always takes the time to understand WHY we need support so that she can get it just right.  She has offered StrengthsFinder training to several of our employee groups and has always hit the mark for us.  Her demeanor, professionalism an candor are refreshing, but she doesn’t spoon feed our results.  Working with Carolyn requires engagement, attention, and follow up.  These are the kind of traits I expect of my team and New Chapter Coaching exercises help us practice them so we can perform at a high level.  I recommend New Chapter Coaching for any non-profit that wants to double down on their impact and the effectiveness of their team.”  Darin Preis, Executive Director, Columbia, MO

“Working with Carolyn is no “walk in the park” and it can be uncomfortable at times.  But, the benefits so outweigh these hurdles.  We are all so busy that sometimes we need to slow down and reflect.  That’s exactly what these sessions are about.  That “slow down”  time helps put things into perspective.  Carolyn is also a great trainer for groups and is excellent at reading the audience.  I had some very specific issues to deal with and she helped me stay sane during the process.” – Penny Miles, Executive Director, Kirksville, MO

“I worked with Carolyn Sullivan on a three year strategic plan for my organization. Right from the start her approach was direct and focused, with a quick grasp of the situation.  Carolyn concentrated on an evidence-based method that kept us on target and didn’t let us get away with wandering or favored agendas and pre-conceptions. She was always clear in directing us forward, helping when needed, yet flexible in leading the work and discussion when issues and problem arose. She was superb in leading through the work a staff that’s diverse both in character and ways of thinking, and was clear that this was our work to do with her facilitation rather than her superimposing her ideas on us. The result was a strategic plan that the staff really embraced and for which the staff genuinely took ownership. That is no mean feat! I’ve already recommended New Chapter to others and am preparing to discuss engaging Carolyn’s services for a project with another organization in which I’m involved.” – Jim Thomas, Special Projects Manager, St. Louis, MO

“Carolyn invites you to share your most challenging problems, your most complicated thoughts and feelings. By asking questions, sorting and gentle prodding Carolyn helps you identify both the underlying issues and the overriding priorities. With sensitivity to our multiple levels of needs and wants, Carolyn provides suggestions not “shoulds” ….and offers a way to reframe our issues not judge them. Working with her as my long-distance coach for two years, I can highly recommend her talents and skills doing this work!” – Michele Stranger-Hunter, Executive Director, Portland, OR

“Carolyn Sullivan is one of the smartest and most strategic people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Sheinspires confidence and has a knack for getting things done. Her sense of humor, reliability and smarts provide the perfect combination for an effective partner and a go-to person when it really counts.” – Debra Erenberg, Organizing Director, San Francisco, CA

“With a razor-sharp intellect and a generous sense of humor, anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with Carolyn. I can’t think of a better asset to have on your team than her.” – Sara Cleveland, Executive Director, Austin, TX

“Carolyn has a tremendous vision for improving processes (e.g., decision-making, communication) and outcomes (e.g., effectiveness, quality of life) to help individuals and organizations work through transitions. …Most importantly, her passion for her work is directly reflected in her commitment to inspiring others to create and sustain positive change.”  – Laura Brennan, CEO & President, St. Louis, MO

“Carolyn is whip-smart, delightful, and has an exceptional ability to assess a situation and recommend the best next steps forward. I think the world of Carolyn and recommend her highly.” – Sarah Wheat, Vice President of Community Affairs, Austin, TX
“It was clear from these evaluations that Carolyn served as an effective coach and mentor, cheerleader and confidant. The level of praise for Carolyn and her specific contributions to the success of these new executive directors was truly impressive.” – Lisa Horowitz, Vice President & Chief Foundation Officer, Washington, DC

“I had the tremendous opportunity to work for, and with, Carolyn Sullivan for but a mere 12 months while she was the Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.  During this time, her enthusiasm, drive and never ending passion for her work inspired me to push myself beyond my limits.  Her influence in my life has been profound.  Since that time I have had the opportunity to work with a number of extremely talented and committed individuals, but with Carolyn as the litmus for these qualities it is difficult for others to stand a chance.  She went beyond the boundaries of a supervisor and became a mentor, colleague, and friend.  She is in part responsible for all of the success I have in my career.  Carolyn’s influence taught me to be better, stronger and faster.  More importantly she taught me that I could be all of these things without sacrificing passion, integrity or heart.” Melissa Palmer, Health Policy Analyst, CDC

“Carolyn Sullivan is not only an amazing coach, she is an amazing person.  She challenged me to think outside the box which enabled me to channel my career beyond the seemingly impossible.  She didn’t give me the answers, but taught me how to find the answers within myself.  She asks deep, probing questions that made me realize I had the answers all along; I just needed a way to bring them to life.  She is sincere, honest, and totally focused on the needs of her clients.  Today I am a much more accomplished person, inside and out.  Thanks Carolyn.  I am forever grateful.  If you are looking for a good coach, don’t hesitate.  You won’t be disappointed.” -Sandra Matias, Pharmaceutical Professional

“Carolyn was an EXCELLENT executive coach for me in my nonprofit CEO role. Her insights into Nonprofit Board conflict was very helpful in understanding how I could best serve the Board and our members. Through her guidance I was able to change some of my behaviors to become a better leader. Through our work together, I was also able to see that the job I loved so much was causing too much pain and stress for me and my family. I ultimately left the job and found that I could be a great leader in different circumstances with a more functional leadership team. I will always remember my time with Carolyn very fondly and consider her a mentor and friend. ” Robin Wooten, Chief Learning Officer, Kansas City, MO

“Carolyn at New Chapter Coaching is a very dedicated and caring life coach. In sessions, she is easy to talk to, but also sets expectations and stretches me to the edge of my abilities. Working with her, I became more insightful about myself, and without that guidance, I wouldn’t have attained the success, educationally and personally, that I have.” – Renee S., Mid-Missouri resident

Additional client testimonials may be found at Carolyn’s LinkedIn profile.

Comments from training on increasing impact through innovation organized for statewide Missouri nonprofit (co-facilitated with Margaret Eaton):

“This is probably the best training I have been to in all my years…. Keep these consultants. OMG! Revolutionary ideas presented in clear ways. Thank God someone finally said something that makes sense.”

“Stimulating and challenging.”

“Consultants were very informative and equipped with stats to support their ideas.”

“Very complete – just could have been a course instead of a 2-day meeting. I could learn a lot from these women.”

“Excellent, high quality information.”

Representative Organizational Client List:

ACHE Dental
America Red Cross – Mid-Missouri Chapter
Boone County National Bank
Boone County Council on Aging
Central Missouri Community Action Agency
City of Columbia (Missouri)
Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services
Columbia Police Department
Daniel Boone Regional Library
Heart of Missouri United Way
Missouri Association for Community Action
Missouri Dental Wellbeing Foundation
Missouri KidsFirst
MizzouAdvance (University of Missouri)
Services for Independent Living