9 Questions to Keep You at Your Best

At the end of every year, I encourage my coachees to answer the following nine questions as part of their reflection on the year that’s drawing to a close and planning for the year that’s about to start. It’s been so well received that I’m sharing it with you, in the hopes it will help you set and achieve your goals. The truth is, you don’t have to wait until December to make the most out of these questions. Change a word and they can be asked at the end of a quarter, a month, or week.


  1. What did you accomplish in 2014? How will you build on these accomplishments in 2015 in order to achieve greater success?

Satisfaction and Disappointment

  1. From what aspect of your work did you derive your greatest personal satisfaction this year? How will you maintain a high level of personal satisfaction in your work? What were your biggest disappointments in 2014? How will you avoid repeating those disappointments?

Lessons Learned

  1. What lessons did you learn in 2014? How will you apply what you learned in 2015?


  1. In 2014, how would you rate your leadership? In your field? (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor) Explain. In 2015, how, specifically, will you invest in becoming a better leader in your position and/or field? What one leadership trait, behavior, or skill will you target for improvement in 2015? How will you achieve this professional development?


  1. How did you limit yourself in 2014? Your team? How will you stop limiting yourself and your team in 2015?

Just Say No

  1. What one thing did you do in 2014 that you’ll stop doing in 2015 in order to be more successful? How, specifically, will you do that?

2015 Wildly Important Goals

  1. Answer the following statement: Nothing else matters in 2015, unless we accomplish the following 1-3 wildly important goals. What are these goals? Did 2014 successes set us up to achieve these things? If so, how will we leverage these successes to achieve these goals?

Connecting to Purpose

  1. Above all else, I want to remember that the reason I started/joined ____________________ is:


  1. To increase my odds of achieving these key goals, I need the following from:

(I always prompt them to articulate what they need from me, their coach, in order to maximize their results.)

Drop me a line and let me know how these questions helped you!