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Fall Workshop Series

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Every Team Needs a Coach: Coaching Your Team from Good to Great
October 25, 2017, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Are you looking to create a stronger team filled with staff ready, willing, and able to lead?  In this interactive session, you’ll learn what it takes to go from being a good to a great leader and to get the most out of your staff’s strengths. You’ll learn coaching skills, best practices, and proven strategies, and leave with a vision and plan for how you can develop your agency’s future leaders.
Price: $50.00

Discover Your Strengths: Improving Self-Awareness and Productivity
November 9, 2017, 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
In this workshop you’ll learn how your strengths influence everything from relationships to behaviors, to work performance. You will leave with specific ways to leverage your strengths and cultivate a strengths-based culture in your organization. After registering, you will receive an access code for Clifton StrengthsFinderTM, an assessment used by over 14 million people around the world, a customized report of your strengths profile and a free e-book ($20 value).
Price: $70.00

Facilitator: Jessica Macy

Workshops will be held at the Heart of Missouri United Way
105 E Ash, Suite 300, Columbia, MO

Questions: Call us at 573.228.9600 / or Email:


Missouri Nonprofit Executive Roundtable:
An Experience Unlike Any Other

How would you like to be part of a supportive community of nonprofit leaders confidentially brainstorming ideas and solving common problems? We have just the program for you! Our Missouri Nonprofit Executive Roundtable. 

The goal of the Nonprofit Executive Roundtable is:

To create a community of supportive nonprofit leaders who are willing to regularly come together to lend creative, collaborative, and wholehearted aid to grow each other’s organizations and inspire each other’s leadership.

At each roundtable meeting, executive directors have an opportunity to learn about best practices and share their creativity and innovation. They also engage in problem-solving about common challenges through a variety of formats including case studies, group discussion of sector topics,
and interactive group work.


Questions, give us a call at 573.228.9600

Here’s what a few participants had to say about their Nonprofit Executive Roundtable experience:

  • “The support and collaboration has given me confidence to enhance and expand our services and not get frustrated with the obstacles to overcome.”
  • “It was a sanity break every month and a time for me to think creatively-which makes me soar.”
  • “It was a wonderful experience. Thank you for the opportunity to grow strong and to look at myself in a new light.”
  • “I now manage my staff with a monthly report form gained from a peer. I have also changed our review process with the help of seeing other forms. I am asking my board to be more accountable. I really didn’t know what to have them do! Now they have tasks and two committees working!”
  • “I am thinking more and being more intentional about the use of my time and delegating more. I also appreciate the fact that I now have eight or nine other EDs that I can reach out to for advice.”
  • “I stop many times in the day and take a deep breath! I have learned to prioritize in a more efficient manner as well as have become a stronger leader.”