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Nonprofit Coaching, Consulting, & Training

Self-trust is the first secret of success.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Executive coaching is your path to better leadership.

• Increased self-awareness
• More confidence
• Greater satisfaction
• Better balance
• Renewed energy
• Stronger leadership

Proven Benefits of Executive or Nonprofit Coaching

Based on my experience, and recently confirmed in a survey of executive coaching, executive coaching yields the following benefits for executive directors and the nonprofit organizations they lead;

  • Improved skills and performance, including personnel management and fundraising skills
  • Increased task completion in a timely manner and productivity
  • Improved relationships with staff and board of directors
  • Enhanced awareness of leadership behaviors and skills
  • Increased ability and confidence in exercising leadership on a daily basis
  • Increased ability to lead the organization in the face of challenges and obstacles
  • Improved ability to move the organization towards its goals and vision
  • Greater clarity with respect to decision-making processes and staff roles and responsibilities
  • Increased staff satisfaction, morale, productivity and tenure
  • Increase ability to grow and sustain the capacity of their organization.

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Standard Components of Coaching Package

  • Four calls or in-person sessions per month for three/six months
  • Occasional power coaching call (5 mins.) as needed during the period of the coaching alliance
  • Unlimited emails with the coach between sessions
  • Suggestion of action item(s) to keep you deepening your learning and moving forward in between calls

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Nonprofit Consulting, Training & Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strengths-Based Team Building
  • Executive Transition Management and Succession Planning
  • Board Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Preventing and Addressing Workplace Burnout
  • Facilitation of Retreats, Meetings, & Workshops

Sample trainings & topical presentations include the following:

  • Creating a High-Performing Team
  • Strengths-Based Team Building
  • Coaching Your Talent Toward Greater Success
  • Ready or Not, Here Change Comes: Effectively Managing Executive Transition
  • Smart Growth: Board Building Done Right
  • Burnout and Back: Lessons on How to Prevent, Address, and Survive
  • Managing Your Energy: Riding the Waves to the Top
  • Making Change Happen: Your Mindset and Skill Set

The fees for these customized services and facilitation services are based on the scope of work. Contact Us for a proposal or quote.